Spedal 1080P 60fps Webcam with Dual Microphone, AutoFocus, Software Included, Ultra HD Streaming Web Camera, USB Computer Camera for Gaming/Online Teaching/Video Calling/Zoom/Skype
1.【HD 1080P 60fps Webcam】 The Spedal 926 Webcam provides a high definition 1920 X 1080p resolution picture, 6(5+1 IR)pieces full-coated AR Coating Optical Lenses, facial-enhancement technology, crystal clear recording and smart adjust light, providing excellent online video chat environment.
2.【Built-in Noise Reduction Mics】The built-in dual stereo microphones are omnidirectional and come with noise-canceling technology that helps to filter background noise. Even in noisy surroundings, you can capture the sounds you want.
3.【Webcam with AutoFocus 】Autofocus ensures that your video is always sharp and crystal. If necessary, you can also turn off the autofocus on the Webcam software, so you can set the focus of your demand. On Spedal official website, you can download software that can control Webcam. You can modify the exposure/focus/resolution/saturation/contrast/PLF(HZ)/white balance through the software.
4.【360° Horizontally Rotation & Wide Angle Webcam】 Webcam is placed on a computer screen or on the table, and the USB Webcam can be horizontally 360 °, up and down 90 °. 80 ° wide angle computer camera shooting capture crystal-clear video and distortion-free image, which can also accommodate more participants in video calls.
5.【Plug and Play & Wide Compatibility】 Just plug the webcam into the USB port of your computer and you can use it right away! Compatible with Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac OS 10.6, Linux, Chrome OS, and Android 5.0 or above. Works with Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, YouTube, and more.
Plug&Play 60fps Autofocus Webcam
USB Web Camera using USB 2.0 interface, no need extra to install drive, insert it and use it so easy. At the same time, the installation is very easy, clip it on the top of PC, Computer, Laptop. Desktop, save the space.
Auto Low Light Correction
Automatic light balance of 60fps webcam can transfer clear image quality even in complex light. It can make you use freely in strong light environment and dark light environment. Also, the autofocus lens can focus on people clearly and continuously.
Friendly and Considerate Design
With the universal base, the HD webcam can be attached to your monitor security and can more easily fitting the top of your desktop, laptop or Mac.Plus 1/4 tripod hole ready design, you can choose to use your tripod at any time.
Length: 86mm
Height: 49mm
Width: 62mm
Weight: 155g
Cable Length: 1.6m
Resolution: 1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x480, 1080@60fps/second
Sensor: 2.0M, 1/2.7"
Imaging Dynamic Range: 75db
Format: MJPG, YUY2
Lens: 8(7+1IR)
Aperture: F/N2.1
Field of view: 80°
Focus: Auto Focus
USB connection: USB2.0 / USB3.0
Windows® XP SP2 Or Later,
Windows 7/8/10 Or Later,
Mac OS 10.6 Or Later,
Linux 2.6.24 Or Later,
Google Chrome OS version 29.0.1547.70 or higher (platform 4319.79.0 or higher),
Smart TV and TV Box of Android V 5.0 or later,
XBox One Gamma Or Later,
Ubuntu® Linux 10.04 Or Later.
Webcam *1
Lens cloth *1
Quick Guide *1
Very practical
It is used to monitor children's learning status and attendance of online courses. 360-degree monitoring is perfect. It can adjust the angle and monitor the panorama. In addition, the operation is also very convenient. Just use your phone to connect. You can also invite other people. In this way, parents can remotely check whether their children are in a safe state via mobile phones when they are not at home.
Pro-Buyer GTX
Very respectable features, quality, and value for Full HD 1080p 60fps
Overall quite impressed.  Have been using for about three weeks with no problems so far.  Excellent features for value at nearly half the price of comparable name-brand models.  Image quality is surprisingly good, with decent auto-focus & HDR capability in high-contrast lighting situations (e.g.,  bright window in background).  Notably, includes full HD 1080p resolution @ 60fps (not just 30fps like some others).  Good compatibility with the free "OBS" ("Open Broadcaster Software") open-source webcam software - which provides deep access to all webcam features & settings.  Also, works well with Windows10 built-in camera app for laptop/desktop use.  The mount is quite flexible & reasonably stable, rotates both up/down & left/right, with threaded metal 1/4" mounting hole for standard tripods.  Finally, purely as a matter of personal taste, the physical appearance is elegantly unobtrusive.  Summary:  Excellent features & value for the price.  Purchasing a second unit.
I’m a gamer.
I’m a gamer, and not the regular type either, I like perfection, although the tools don't make the content I do feel tools are essential, no one wants to watch a blurry screen of your face. It's 60 frames 1080p, legit. The colors are pretty good, autofocus is a bit slow but I don't use it too much as I'm pretty stationary.
If you are looking for a webcam for your job, look no further, you truly don't need to be HD in a video conference and if you're like me and you just want quality in the things you buy, you won't find a better webcam than this one for the price.
Before my purchase, I went onto youtube, and found this particular webcam and seen the quality vs it and something way more than it,m and i could BARELY tell the difference, you honestly can't go wrong with this budget webcam ESPECIALLY for 60 frames.
For those not tech-savvy anything under 60 frames you can see notable pixelation with fast movements. 60 frame cameras easily go for $100+ even more so with 1080p and other HD variants.
Also ich habe nach einer Webcam mit 60FPS auf 1080p gesucht da ich streame.
Leute - ich haue mir 2 Pfannen in die Eier. Ich finde diese Webcam bietet für ihren Preis echt einiges. Und kommt sogar fast an Logitech ran. Ich kann diese Cam nur empfehlen und würde sie sofort wieder kaufen.
1080p 60fps でマニュアルフォーカスはうたい文句通り。レンズもクリアで画像はLogiよりも鮮明に感じました。
 本製品は、広角な方で、31インチのモニタ上部にカメラを付け(この時画面とレンズ先端は ほぼ面一になります。)レンズ先端から顔まで80cm離れた際、横160cm位(両手を広げたくらい)までが映る画角となります。これはカメラ前に3人並んで十分映るくらいです。
Indispensable pour les visioconférences
La Covid 19 a mis à la mode le Télétravail et les visioconférences qui prévalent des outils de communication indispensables comme les caméras. Celle-ci est pratique, robuste et souple. Bon rapport qualité/prix et une amélioration par rapport à l'appareil photo intégré du MacBook Pro... et je préfère de loin une webcam grand angle pour les utilisations Zoom/Skype/OBS.
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