Spedal CL876 Wireless CarPlay/Android Auto l 1080P 30FPS Dual Cameras l Loop Recording l Tire Pressure Monitoring l Auto Dimming
1.【Elevate Your Motorcycle Riding Experience with Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto】- Introducing the Spedal CL876 Motorcycle Touchscreen Unit, an essential companion for tech-savvy riders. Seamlessly connect your smartphone wirelessly to your motorcycle and enjoy the convenience of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Stay connected, navigate effortlessly, and have access to your favorite apps right at your fingertips.
2.【Enhanced Navigation and Easy Control】- Take the hassle out of finding your way with the Spedal CL876 Motorcycle Touchscreen Unit. With its intuitive touch screen interface, you can effortlessly navigate through maps, get turn-by-turn directions, and explore new routes with confidence. Plus, the 6.86-inch high-definition display ensures crystal clear visuals and smooth operation every time.
3.【Capture Every Moment with Dual Cameras】- The Spedal CL876 Motorcycle Touchscreen Unit is equipped with dual cameras to record your thrilling rides. Capture the breathtaking scenery or document unexpected events on the road. With the loop recording feature, you'll never miss a moment, ensuring you have a record of your journey.
4.【Stay Safe with Real-Time Tire Pressure Monitoring】- Safety is paramount when riding a motorcycle. The Spedal CL876 Motorcycle Touchscreen Unit comes with a built-in tire pressure monitoring system that provides real-time updates on your tire pressure. Be alerted to any abnormalities and ensure optimal performance and safety during your rides.
5.【Optimal Visibility in Any Lighting Condition】- The Spedal CL876 Motorcycle Touchscreen Unit features automatic dimming technology, providing optimal visibility in any lighting condition. Whether it's bright sunlight or low-light situations, the screen brightness adjusts accordingly for maximum clarity and comfort.
Length: 216mm
Height: 91mm
Width: 23mm
Weight: 547g
Display: 6.86" LCD screen
Video format: TS
Photo format: JPEG
Storage device: TF card (Max support 128GB)
Input: DC 5V 3A
Operating temp.: -20℃ ~65℃
Storage temp.: -20℃ ~70℃
Device *1
Mount bracket *1
Power Cable *1
Wired remote *1
Camera(Optional) *2
Camera extension cable(Optional) *1
Tire pressure sensor(Optional) *2
Quick Guide *1
Jake B
Very easy to install
I just got this unit today and I was surprised. I took me several minutes to connect my mobile phone with this dashcam through CARLINK. And whatever on my mobile phone will be projected simutaneously onto the dashcam screen. So I can use navigation, music, video on this device. It works also perfectly with its FM.
I have to use it for a longer while before I give any further comments. But the first impression is so good. By the way, I installed my old 1080P backup camera with this device. It worked well on this device. Fully compatible.
Steve Rock
Great customer service
I was looking for a new dashcam for my car. This dashcam has fully met my requirements. Besides, I like its CarLink very much. I can project my mobile phone on the dashcam screen. So convenient. This device is far better than my previous dashcams.
Fantastic addition
The Spedal CL876 with Carlink device is a wonderful addition to your car! Especially if your car does not have factory installed Carplay or Android device it will allow portability, but gives almost the same features. Well worth the money! You only have to connect to phone, power and you are ready to go! No need for demolishing your dash to install new device. This takes less than a minute. You are given different methods to mount device on dash or window. Get yours today!!!
Josef Guenther
Gamechanger für ältere Fahrzeuge
Dieses Produkt hat mein Leben verändert. Ich fahre ein älteres Auto und musste früher immer mein iPhone während der Fahrt montieren, was ablenkte und das Telefon häufig herunterfiel. Mit diesem neuen Gerät habe ich jetzt eine Stereoanlage, ein Radio und einen ausgewachsenen Mini-Computer zur Hand!
Das Gerät war mit der Armaturenbretthalterung einfach einzurichten und jetzt ist das Fahren ein Kinderspiel (besonders großartig für die Verwendung von Maps und Waze). Ich plane, demnächst eine Rückfahrkamera anzuschließen.
Ich liebe dieses kleine Gerät so sehr, dass ich vielleicht sogar ein Paar als Geschenk für Familie / Freunde in den Ferien kaufen kann.
このデバイスは、ドライブレコーダーと携帯電話を組み合わせた革新的な製品です。 それはあなたが運転するときのスペースと時間を節約するのに役立ちます。 今日、私たちは運転中でも携帯電話をよく使います。 このデバイスを使用すると、携帯電話をドライブレコーダーに投影できます。 ナビゲーションに使っています。
Todd Smith
Joli petit gadget de voiture
Bien pour ma voiture, il fonctionne parfaitement et est compatible avec iPhone et Android. C'est différent de Carplay ou d'Android Auto. C'est essentiellement une projection, vous ne pourrez donc pas manipuler vos applications à partir de l'appareil. J'utilise cet appareil principalement pour la navigation, donc cela me suffit donc pour l'instant, 5 étoiles.
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