Wide Angle Webcam, Software Control 120 Degree View Video Conference Distance Learning Remote Teaching Camera, Full HD 1080P Live Streaming Webcam with Microphone for Mac, PC, Laptop, Desktop
1.Team Meeting Webcam: 920Pro 120 degrees webcam specifically designed for boardroom meetings, telecommuting, or multiperson chats. Great for business video meetings in conference rooms. A super wide-angle 120-degree field of view enables everyone in the room to be seen. Built-in noise-canceling microphone specifically optimized for ultra-clear conversations in huddle rooms. The conference webcam rotates 360 degrees for versatile positioning, and the manual focus lets you fine-tune pictures.
2.Spedal Webcam Expert Software: Spedal camera software is a video stream adjustment software specially developed and designed for webcams. Customers can use the software to modify the Exposure/ Brightness / Resolution / Saturation / Contrast / Sharpness / PLF(HZ) / White Balance and more of the image in the process of using the camera, such as online courses, video conferences, and live streaming, so as to achieve better image presentation quality to meet the needs of different scenes.
3.Plug And Play: Easy to install web cameras for computers. Plugin the power and USB, load up your favorite video conferencing platform and start your meeting. No downloads or installs. Tripod-ready universal clip fits all kinds of laptops, LCD, or monitors. Works well with most video applications: OBS, XSplit, FaceTime, Hangouts, BlueJeans, Zoom, lifesize., Vidyo, broad soft. Google Talk, Nimbuzz, Line, Tango, Viber, Imo, Facebook.WeChat, etc.
4.Excellent Image Quality: Stream and record vibrant, full high video and image definition 1080p webcam with Full HD 8-layer coating lens will capture and provide crystal clear images. Optimized for professional-quality video calling, conferencing, recording and streaming on social gaming and entertainment sites. This PC webcam 1080p can stram at 30/frames per second, which delivers remarkably crisp. clear and detailed images in vibrant colors.
5.Automatic Low Light Correction & Manual Focus: Automatic low light correction makes you see clearly even in dim light. The live streaming webcam with beauty effect to perfectly preserve the facial details and makes your skin immaculately in an instant The full HD webcam has a manual focus on an area up to 10M.
Great Video in Any Environment
Video Frame Rate:1080@30FPS/S
Viewing Angle:120°
Built-in Dual Noise-Cancelling Microphones
Manual Focus
Aperture: F/N2.4 large aperture;
Lens Element:8(7+1IR)element optical glass lens;
Automatic Low Light Correction
Background Replacement Function
Facial-enhancement Technology
USB Plug and Play
1080P FHD Video+120° Wide Angle
Captures video in 1920*1080 Full HD resolution, 30fps. Specifically designed and optimized for professional-quality video streaming on business and social gaming entertainment site.
USB Plug And Play
No additional driver need.The foldable clip/stand fits most flat-screen computer monitors and laptop screens, and stands on all kinds of flat surfaces. Two flexible hinges offer an adaptable fit and the camera can be tilted up or down for different camera angles.
Versatile Compatibility Webcam
Supports OBS, XBox, Youtube, Facebook, Live Streaming, Skype, Face Time, Hangouts, Xsplit, Mixer,Discord.
Swing Up And Down
Support 360° rotation left and right, 90° swing up and down.You can adjust it to a suitable record position.It comes with a flexible clip that you can adjust the angle of the webcam lens and the bracket, so it can be attached to your computer well.
Webcam For Xbox One Streaming
Webcam with 120° wide-angle lens captures high definition image and video at up to 30 frames per second for a smooth, Perfect for streaming on Xbox one. (The webcam cannot work with PS4 directly. The computer needs to connect with a video capture card firstly).
Length: 86mm
Height: 53mm
Width: 72mm
Weight: 150g
Cable Length: 1.6m
Resolution: 1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x480, 1080@30fps/second
Sensor: 2.0M, 1/2.7"
Imaging Dynamic Range: 75db
Format: MJPG, YUY2
Lens: 8(7+1IR)
Aperture: F/N2.4
Field of view: 120°
Focus: Manual Focus
USB connection: USB2.0 / USB3.0
Windows® XP SP2 Or Later,
Windows 7/8/10 Or Later,
Mac OS 10.6 Or Later,
Linux 2.6.24 Or Later,
Google Chrome OS version 29.0.1547.70 or higher (platform 4319.79.0 or higher),
Smart TV and TV Box of Android V 5.0 or later,
XBox One Gamma Or Later,
Ubuntu® Linux 10.04 Or Later.
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Baron Hutchinson
Easy to use, and great if you need a wide camera angle
I am a martial arts instructor, and during these pandemic times, i have been teaching martial classes online. I had never taught online before, and wasn't sure how it would go, but this camera has made it easy.
It is very simple to use, even for a person who is not particularly adept with technology. Basically, you just plug it in to the usb port -- no need to download a particular driver or anything.
It stays nicely mounted at the top of my monitor, and it can be adjusted a lot, as far as how far down it points (particular useful if you need people watching to be able to see your whole body, including the feet). The image is nice and clear. I have only used the auto focus, not tried the manual focus yet, but it has been perfectly fine.
And man, the panoramic view thing is useful! Most of my students use a more normal webcam, and they are constantly stepping out of the scree in just a step or two. I can move around a lot and still stay in view with this webcam.
If one just does video conferencing of some such, one may not need this style of camera. But if you are doing any kind of teaching or practicing something that involves movement (yoga, dance, whatever), this is a really great piece of equipment.
Unexpectedly best camera in the zoom room
Like everyone else, quarantine left me searching for a decent camera just to join my family for weekend updates, have virtual happy hour with friends, nothing special. I'm a nurse so I don't get to do the office thing, sometimes I'm almost jealous.
I'd order a camera, wait 3 weeks, and the day before it was set to arrive, the order would cancel itself. That had happened twice, and I actually had purchased 4 others that were sitting in my cart unshipped, waiting to be in stock, by the time I received this one.
Took it out of the box, plugged it in. I have zero computer abilities, and it worked. Has microphone and speaker, wide angle and clearer picture than everyone else with their very expensive, top of the line cameras. Now I lean it against the stack of books my monitor is on, cause I dont know how to affix things that are electronic, but again, it works. I still don't know what brand this thing is. But gosh darn it, it came fast, was priced as it should have been, 60 bucks is not bad for a webcam like this and for such high quality. I get compliments on the quality of every call I'm a part of.
Very Wide Angle and Amazing HD Quality
This webcam is second to none when you take into account the wide angle and the HD quality. It absolutely blows away the previous web cam I've got (the Genius F100).
The only thing I noticed though (does not matter) is that it shows the mirror image of what it is looking at. In other words, if I raise my right hand, the video it shows, shows me raising my left hand. I first noticed it when I aimed it at the TV and the people on it were shown in mirror image. So if you intend to use it to show writing or classroom stuff on the screen (where everything will be backward, it is great.
But other than that, it is amazing. It is also very wide angle and gets most of the room in the frame.
Salzburg Kreativ
Sehr gut mit extrem breitem Weitwinkel!
Einsatz für Online-Fitnesskurse.
Super schnell - kein verschmieren oder verzögern.
Sehr lichtempfindlich - kein übermäßiges zusätzliches Licht nötig!
Und ein SUPER-Weitwinkel - Achtung genau überlegen ob dies auch wirklich so nötig ist!
Wer nur einen drei mal drei Meter großen Raum zur Verfügung hat und 5 mal 5 Meter oder mehr vorgaukeln möchte -> perfekt!
Ansonsten super Bild - Standardverpackung - alles top!
ノート PC 内蔵カメラより明るくテレワークで活躍
2020年2月の早い段階で勤務先がテレワーク推奨となり、自室での Microsoft Teams/WebEx でのビデオ会議の際、シーリングライトの位置関係から逆光気味のためオフィスと違って暗めの画像になってしまうことが気になり本製品を購入しました(その後社会全体でテレワークが進んであっという間に在庫切れになってしまったので早めに購入して良かったです…)。
卓上三脚やゴリラポッドなどに固定することも試してみましたが、最終的にはノート PC のリッドにクリップ固定するのが画角的にも一番安定しました。
ビデオ会議は主に Microsoft Teams と WebEx を利用していますが、Microsoft Teams の場合は付属ソフトの Spedal Webcam Expert もカメラデバイスとして指定可なのでプロファイルを指定してカメラ設定を反映させることができました(WebEx では自分が試した限りできませんでした)ので、よりカメラの性能を活かすことができると思います。
Vidéo, meeting, l'image est belle, le rendu couleur très bon ; la fluidité image est au rendez-vous. Utilisation sur Windows et linux sans aucune difficulté ni complexité. L'aspect champ large 120° en fait un outil parfait de réunion à plusieurs autour d'un écran. Les webcams de PC n'offrant que des angles de prises de vue étroit, à plusieurs il faut se serrer comme des sardines en boîte ou bien se mettre à distance avec les inconvénients correspondants (perte de son et de précision d'image). Je recommande.
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