Spedal DSP Laser Radar Detectors for Cars, 6500 Ft Ultra-Long Radar Coverage, Built-in GPS/Real-Time Alerts, IVT Filtering, Free Database Upgrade for Fewer False Alerts
1.🚗【DSP Speed Radar Detector】Equipped with radar Mmic-Luna enhanced receiving module, advanced digital radar frequency division processing, rapid response to various types of radar signals. the farthest distance of lidar scanning can be up to 2000 M.
2.🚗【Advanced IVT Filtering】Filter other Interference signals, such as BSD, BSM, inverted radar signal, strong light, or other interference. with premium range and advanced filtering, prepare for anything on the road ahead and get more information.
3.🚗【GPS Technology】Massive amount of global highway data, section control, radar and laser radar speed measurements from highways and their measurement points are continuously updated. The more stable and accurate satellite signals will ensure your ride is safe and comfortable.
4.🚗【Smart Mode & Super Mode】SMART MODE - can be intelligently selected according to the driving speed of the vehicle (urban area, suburbs, high-speed road)style, which improves driving comfort and safety. SUPER MODE - radar detection customized to your driving style! Set the radar filtering level and radar anti-interference according to requirements.
5.🚗【Free Update Data】 Free database with global highway data, A built-in USB port allows free monthly updates to be performed at home and ensures your detector will never be out of date.
Height: 127mm
Width: 66mm
Depth: 32mm
Weight: 148g
In-Car Charger Length: 3.4m
USB To Mini USB Cable Length: 0.8m
Screen: 1.14‘’ IPS color screen
Voltage: DC12V-24V
Current: 200-350MA
USB: Mini USB 2.0
Operating Temperature: 0℃ ~55℃
Storage Temperature: -20℃ ~70℃
Radar Detector *1
In-Car Charger *1
Triple Suction Bracket *1
Sticking Bracket *1
Quick Guide *1
USB Cable *1
Kurt Moeller
Very Easy to Use Out of the Box
I purchased this item in advance of a cross-country driving trip. While I'm not a lead foot driver, I was looking for assurance that if a change in speed limit went unnoticed, I would be able to avoid a problem. This is definitely a "plug and play" unit. All the factory defaults are perfect for every driving condition I encountered. Thanks to the SMART mode, you won't get any false alert or annoying alerts at low speed. While I know there are many units out there with far higher price tags and many more bells and whistles, this one was the perfect solution for me.
Mary Gordon
Looking like the perfect choice
I dont like to spend $4-500 on a radar detector because if you screw up and leave your rd in the sun on 1 hot day you will brick it. It's happened to me a few times. In fact 1 time my wife got a ticket because on a trip to Las Vegas she left it on the dash and the heat ruined the functionality of the detector but the lights and sound were still working. Anyway enough on that. Even though I recently received this I am feeling great about this purchase because of the price and the features and the reviews and the look and the up to date filtering. If you have an old detector that will pick up adaptive cruise its becoming more useless every day. I am.looking forward to using this and am.hopeful it's the perfect choice. I will update if that changes.
Quiet New Car? You may need this...
A new, very smooth and very quiet car gives me none of my familiar "speed" clues so I got my first ticket. That cost was painful. While I am getting used to this new car this seems to be the best chance to avoid another ticket. When I get the notification I can check and make sure I am within the limits. Normally I am , but this car really picks up speed on the down hill. It has helped me spot those hidden fellows, and I find I have been subjected to far more surveillance than I ever noticed. It is easy to set up, the false readings are minimal. One with a better feature set would cost 4 times as much, and I really don't need more to keep me honest and ticket free.
Joerger K.
Quiet New Car? You may need this...
Dieses Radar ist eines der besten, das ich je gekauft habe! Absolute Genauigkeit bis zu einer Entfernung von fast 1,6 km, um Radarfallen und Polizisten zu vermeiden, die sich auf Roadtrips verstecken! Ich empfehle diesen Schutz auf jeden Fall jedem, der ein Spedal-Produktradar mit kleinem Budget sucht.
素晴らしい購入。 速いサービス
私はこの検出器にとても嬉しく驚きました。 粘着性のあるパッドの上にダッシュボードを置くことになったのですが、フロントガラスに取り付けなくても、前後からレーダーとレーザーをどれだけうまく検出できるか信じられませんでした。 高品質の製品、素晴らしい購入。 高速サービス。
Danielle J.
Bon détecteur de radar
Cela remplaçait un détecteur de radar de 6 ans à 25 euros qui bipait partout.Le temps de détection est excellent à mon avis, il a de toute façon fonctionné jusqu'à présent.Je ne reçois pas autant de fausses alertes (des systèmes de notification latéraux du véhicule ou des systèmes de secours arrière) qu'avec mon ancien. Il est également plus facile de lire l'affichage pendant la journée et d'être mieux informé du type particulier de radar détecté. Il sert son but pour moi en m'alertant à temps pour ralentir.
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