Spedal Radar Detector for Cars with Dashcam and GPS 3 in 1 Combined, 140° Wide Angle Full HD 1296P Camera with WDR Night Vision, Global Speed Limits Data, Laser Detector, 32GB Card Included
1.Clear and stable video quality: with 2304 x 1296 (30 fps) max, H.264 video compression format and multi-layered lenses, the car camera captures the roads at the same time in super clear definition. Equipped with 140° wide angle monitors all directions without visual blind zone.
2.Night vision & WDR technology: the dash cam with WDR technology improves image sharpness and allows you to combine multiple images with different brightness levels to create a superior image. The Spedal Dash camera can easily capture all road conditions and license plate details, even in low light environments, making your life easier and safer.
3.Double satellite navigation system: equipped with global highway data (section control, radar and Lidar speed measurement). Early warning by sensitive radar warning system.
4.High precision, radar detector with dash cam: Smart Phase Lock Signature (PLS) and Digital Filtering (DF) technologies - detect much more radar and laser signals. DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Digital frequency filtration even in dense driving. inference of the BSD (Card-Change Auxiliary Radar) of the car.
5.Tips: We provide 12 months of service and 30 days' money back, if you have any questions regarding your product, please do not hesitate to contact us at customer care email. You can directly scan the QR code from the quick guide in the box to get a complete "User Manual".If you cannot download the direction smoothly, it can be obtained through us at any time.
Length: 88mm
Height: 61mm
Width: 47mm
Weight: 137g
In-Car Charger Length: 3.45m
Display: 3.0" full view IPS LCD screen
Aperture: F#1.8
Resolution: 2304*1296 (30fps), 1920*1080 (30fps), 1920*720 (30fps), 1920*720 (60fps), VGA640*480 (30fps)
Field Angle: 140°
Data Port: Mini USB 2.0
Video Format: MOV
Photo Format: JPEG
Storage Device: TF card (Max support 128GB)
Operating Temp.: 0℃~55℃
Storage Temp.: -20℃ ~70℃
Radar Detector *1
In-Car Charger *1
Magnetic Suction Bracket *1
3M Sticking Bracket *1
External GPS receiver *1
Quick Guide *1
Brady S.
Fantastic; read review I’ll explain why people put 1 stars.
This radar/laser detector works 100% exactly as it should. Very accurate and works at great distances. The reason some have given it 1 stars saying it didn’t detect a police officer.
The reason for this is because not all cops have their radars on. Cops are highly trained to be able to look at a car and determine an average speed. If the officer does not have his radars on it WILL NOT detect it. It’s impossible for any radar detectors to detect one that isn’t turned on. Therefore it will not beep saying cop ahead. I come from a family of town cops and state troopers and tested the equipment on various speed detecting equipment and various bands. The device found every single one of them before the cop cars detector scanned me giving me time to slow Down. The rear scanner on the device works just as good AS LONG AS it has a clear view to the back. For laser detectors that cops sometimes use they HAVE to be parked and not moving for it to get your speed. The reason is because the laser beam is very small and narrow and must hit the car directly for it to register a speed making it 80% more accurate. This detector should be mounted in the very center bottom of your windshield for best use. The reason for it to be placed in the bottom center is most speed trap lasers are lower to the ground for best accuracy meaning the laser is pointed at the hood/front bumper of your car. Having the device in the center bottom gives it about 90% more chance of warning you sooner. With radars the police use it’s a large dispursment of radio waves making it very easy for the radar detector to find.
The amazing thing about this detector is the fact it has a great system to determine if it’s a cop or just a door near by. I have so far never had a false reading in town unless I had the sensitivity on high.
Finally, those who say they get false highway readings. Your not. 1st off there are hidden speed cameras. 2nd Cars and simitrucks can set it off. Why? Well, that is because most new cars and almost all simitrucks have radar systems that help them detect nearby cars to alert you when not to merge over or if your swerving. These radar systems in the trucks and cars generally use a K band signal at 24.75hertz.
Passing a railroad crossing can almost always set it off. Rail roads have radars to detect cars to send information to the trains conductor to know he needs to blow the horn and lower the arms on the tracks. The signal is different state to state but in South Carolina about 98% of railways use X band.
I hope this review helps sorry it was long just wanted to properly explain the detector to everyone!!!
Alex Britton
Great for the price
If you’re looking at a radar detector we already know why you want it, you speed and want to minimize the chance of getting a ticket.
There are always people who say you should just go the speed limit and not drive like an ass, but let’s be real, that’s not going to happen.
I’m a mechanic for an Audi dealership, and to remain employed there I can’t get a lot of points on my license. They know that being a mechanic means you love cars, especially fast cars, so when you can, you’re going to push it. This radar detector is nicer than most in my opinion, it doesn’t have a long startup that deafens you, and the range is fairly good too.
I get X readings when I come up to some intersections, didn’t read the manual so can’t help you on what the X means, but it throws up K alerts when I go by automatic doors, speed signs with the digital speed that you’re going, and some others. However the only one that really matters is the Ka reading, alerting you that a cop (mostly cops) are around, so slow down and don’t get pulled.
It’s helped me out several times already, all within a mile, but it let me know around long bends, further up the road at night, basically just doing what it’s meant to, and for the price, it’s good quality.
If you’re younger, or just don’t want to drop an absurd amount on a radar detector, I’d recommend looking into the Spedal 668T
David Till
Mine got stolen and I bought another immediately.
I love this radar detector, it has saved me many times. I honestly did not want to live in either a life of going the speed limit or worrying about a well-hidden police officer. Some tips I've learned:
The farther forward on your dashboard or windshield a radar detector is, the easier it detects signals that are almost always aimed at the front of your vehicle. This isn't an end-all piece of advice but if you want to rely on your RD I would follow it.
Some speed signs nowadays use cameras to judge your speed and will be undetected by your RD. These are somewhat rare (for now) and I have only seen them in large cities like Seattle. Don't mistake this for malfunction though.
Take it with you if you park in public or at the very least hide it in your glove box. I underestimated how much of a target radar detectors are for theft. I paid the price for this ignorance, now hopefully you won't have to.
Klaus G.
Leistung mit weniger Fehlalarmen
Funktioniert viel besser als mein älteres Modell einer anderen Marke, mit weniger "Fehlalarmen" und schnelleren "echten Warnungen". Nichts Besonderes hier, nur ein einfacher Farbbildschirm mit Signaltönen und Sprachalarm. Dieses Modell wirbt damit, weniger "Fehlalarme" für Elektronik in anderen Fahrzeugen zu geben, und ich denke, es wird diesem Anspruch gerecht. Wie bei jedem Radardetektor kann es nicht 100% perfekt sein. Aber bis jetzt schneidet dieser super ab.
ウィスラーとコブラの検出器があり、一部はGPSを備えていますが、ほとんどの場合、「レーダー/ライダーがあれば、事前に知りたい」タイプが私たちの主な関心事です。 過去2年間の問題は、多くの誤った警告を引き起こしていた新しい車の「事故回避」頻度の急増でした...私たちがしばしば検出器のプラグを抜くまで! この新製品は、最高の感度でもこれらの「ノイズアラート」を大幅に削減し、X&Kバンドスキャンを削除する機能を備えています...素晴らしい機能です! 最も一般的な速度検知周波数範囲である「Ka」バンドを引き続きアクティブにスキャンします。 非常に満足している、お勧めします。
Jean M.
Plus de fausses alarmes
J'avais un ancien détecteur de radar d'une autre marque - à mesure que la technologie anticollision était introduite dans les véhicules plus récents, les fausses alarmes devenaient insupportables avec ce modèle. Je suis finalement passé à ce Spedal VP668TPLUS - ma plus grande motivation était de filtrer les signaux indésirables. J'ai fait un test côte à côte et j'ai été étonné des résultats - même en mode Hwy, je n'ai eu aucune fausse alarme avec le VP668TPLUS, alors que l'ancienne unité émettait un bip. Les deux unités ont détecté le radar à peu près en même temps. Aucune expérience avec la détection laser pour le moment, mais à ce stade - cela répond à mes besoins à un “T".
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