1. Are radar detectors 100% legal?
Radar detectors do not affect police work in any way; they simply inform you. All detectors have been approved and are fully legal for use in selected countries such as Japan, America, China and many other European and Asian countries etc.
2. Can the detector protect me from all kinds of threats?
Our radar detectors can detect most of the world's generally known radars. Thanks to our high-quality GPS database you will also be warned about speed-measuring cameras, section speed cameras and red-light cameras.
3. What is the warranty for your detectors?
We provide standard one-year international warranty. Regardless to your warranty expiration date, we still provide exceptional worldwide customer support and are here to help.
4. Can I use the detector in any car?
Generally, yes, the only limitation are cars equipped with a metal coated (athermic) windscreens. As a solution we offer our Installed detector VP668T Plus to strengthen the signal detection.
5. How often should I update the detector’s GPS data?
New GPS Database is released monthly. We recommend updating your detector at least every quarter. Updates are easy to do and you can find it in the corresponding user manual.
6. Can I use the radar detector on my motorcycle?
Yes! But please keep in mind that the detector is not water-resistant and some waterproof protection will be necessary. Some plastic camera/phone bag can be used, fortunately, there are many of them on the market. Mounting the detector is up to your imagination, remember, no metal parts should be in its way.
7. I am having false alerts, what can I do?
False alert or signal interference is an undesirable phenomenon caused by a detector that is alerting to a different signal source than an actual police radar. Thankfully, there are ways to eliminate them. The easiest way is set the road scene mode of the radar detector to Smart mode. Under this mode, no extra settings have to be made. The radar detector will only give alerts when an actual police radar is detected. Interference signals will be filtered. If you set the road scene mode to Turbo mode, you will have to set the radar detection sensitivity and radar filter level to a medium level and turn on radar anti-interference so that the radar detector will not give false alerts.
8. Why are your detectors more expensive than others I found online?
Superior detection and top-of-the-line performance of our radar detectors are based on many years of development. Our own antennas gives you the advantage of detecting the world's most complicated police radars. We are taking care of the European GPS database on our own and update it on daily basis. Our false alerts filtering technology differentiate us from competitors. We test our detectors daily on the road and thoroughly compare them with all competitors to be sure we deliver the best performance we proudly promised. Last but not least we care about our customers and we are always here to help.